Operation Transformation: 24 advanced ceramics students create lasting walk-through art experience at Alhambra High

 A mini grant from the Alpha Upsilon Chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society helped fund the work.

Where most people only see long walls of standard-issue, dull-beige metal school lockers, Jayson Pineda’s Alhambra High advanced ceramics students saw possibility. They saw a vast canvas, and they wanted to use it to transform the anemic halls into paintings of vibrant color and liveliness. The Moor Mural Project was born.

In the fall of 2017, students Vicki Huang and Sophia Tan took the lead, writing a $300 grant request to the Alpha Upsilon Chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society to fund the effort. Working with classmates, Vicki and Sophia opened the project to the entire campus with a call for students to submit designs. Out of the entries, six mural designs were selected. Operation Transformation took a year of planning, teamwork, creative problem-solving, collaboration, help from many on the school staff, and painting all summer. The results of their dedication are breathtaking. On Sept. 18, the 24 students received recognition from the AUSD Board of Education.

In addition to Sophia and Vicki, these students participated in the Moor Mural Project: Jacky Hu; Shuyl Luo; Xiaoya Chen; Angelina Li; Tiffany Hung; Amanda Duarte; Aminta Chang; Yining Wang; Yuang Sun; Dora Ng; Michelle Chu; Yulia Kladova; John Paul Rosales; Jessica Wang; Mandy Chen; Joyce Liang; Xin Wang; Yujian Huang; Yuchin Dong; Grace Chang;Yu Long; and Aaron Kuo.

As with an effort this large, lots of additional help was need. Mr. Pineda and the students are grateful to Peggy West at the Alpha Upsilon Chapter of DKG Society for her support and shepherding of their grant request. They also thank all those at Alhambra High who made the Moor Mural Project a reality: Thomas Khout, Elizabeth Castillo, Francisco Fernandez, Tuam Pham, Mandy Hubner, and Marilynn Chun.

“We say bravo to Jayson Pineda and his advanced ceramics students for the beauty and energy that their Moor Mural Project adds to Alhambra High,” said Denise Jaramillo AUSD superintendent. “This year-long project is a wonderful example of the power of arts education to build connection and create transformation through dedication and teamwork. The murals are a lasting legacy we all can enjoy every time we are on campus.”

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