Scala Stonegrill offers unique cooking method

By Jewelyn Co

Chef Ben Tam.

Scala Stonegrill, 1411 S. Garfield Ave., Alhambra, brings a unique interactive experience of dining where dishes are served cooking at the table on high-heat natural stones. Introduced and developed by Stonegrill International Pty. Ltd. in Australia in 1985, Scala Stonegrill licensed with the company to bring this age-old concept of cooking on stones to the tables of modern-day diners.

Special types of stones are heated to 752°F in a customized Stonegrill® oven and can stay heated for up to 40 minutes for diners to enjoy their hot dish longer. The Stonegrill® technique sears the meats quicker and retains the natural juices keeping the flavors and tenderness of the food. Stonegrill choices of hearty USDA meat and seafood are sided with fresh vegetables and house- made sauces for dipping. This cook-it-yourself grilling gives diners their own choices and way of cooking their meat from rare to well done. The Stonegrill style of dining is fresh, healthy, and nutritious because it does not require the use of added fat or oil. Scala Stonegrill wants its customers to experience a fun and exciting way of stonegrill dining with the feelings of comfort and enjoyment of the tranquil ambience.

Presentation and quality of dishes are important to Scala Stonegrill, and the chef is devoted to the best standards of serving. Chef Ben Tam, a renowned exclusive head chef with more than 50 years of experience in cooking for highly acclaimed clients and for the Peninsula Hotel Group, is recognized for his outstanding and delightful dishes that are often requested by well-known celebrities. Scala Stonegrill is proud and honored to have Chef Tam prepare and serve flavorful dishes such as the abalone and shrimp XO sauce fried rice, clam pasta with tomato sauce, and Cointreau orange short ribs. Diners may choose from 80 items on the menu, including tapas, salads, soups, noodles, and charcoal grilled dishes that are made and prepared with fresh ingredients. Starter dishes are shareable with great portions. The charcoal grilled dishes are cooked in the kitchen with real charcoal for smoky flavors and taste. Noodle soups are made with rich flavored soup bases and loaded with assorted ingredients of vegetables and meats. Scala Stonegrill offers fine choices for wines, champagnes, cocktails, and non-alcoholic beverages, such as milk teas and soft drinks that nicely complement the meals. Guests can enjoy outdoor dining on the patio with plenty of tables and seating space. Scala Stonegrill offers an affordable lunch and happy hour specials on the menu.

For information on Scala Stonegrill, visit www.scalastonegrill.com. Follow them on media at @scalastonegrill on Facebook and Instagram. Check out reviews on yelp.com and make sure to leave a compliment.


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Apr 2020


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