Twohey’s counts down till move date

By Jewelyn Co

For 75 years, Twohey’s has served up the finest hamburgers and soda fountain specialties in the San Gabriel Valley.

For 75 years, Twohey’s has served up the finest hamburgers and soda fountain specialties in the San Gabriel Valley. The large, iconic Little Stink-O sign of a weeping man with a clothespin on his nose and this classic American restaurant will be missed by many when Twohey’s moves back to the city of Pasadena.

Twohey’s Restaurant originally opened on Arroyo Boulevard in Pasadena in 1943 and relocated at the intersection of Huntington Drive and Atlantic Boulevard in Alhambra in 1951. Owner John “Jack” Twohey had trademarked Little Stink-O and the slogan Oh-Stink-O in 1943 when he overheard a woman dinerwho upon smelling the pickle and onion filled burger responded with, "Oh stink-O!" For many years, Twohey’s served family-friendly American fare, including its signature famous burgers, onion rings, and award-winning soda fountain hot fudge sundaes. In 1997, Twohey’s was sold to Trias, LLC, and was renovated, but the new ownership kept some of its original concepts, dishes, and interiors to retain its same ambience.

Since losing its lease, Twohey’s has made the decision to move to South Pasadena and relocate instead of closing the restaurant.

“We didn’t really want to move at all,” said Twohey’s co-owner Jim Christos. “We negotiated with the landlord for about four years. But we will not be too far away. Pasadena is close by. We love Alhambra. We never want to leave. We hope our customers will continue to come to the new location in Pasadena.”

It is not just the food that makes Twohey’s a favorite restaurant; it is the memories and the milestones it has given to its customers. Twohey’s, pronounced “2ee’s,” has been a landmark for many years and has brought many people together. To commemorate Twohey’s farewell to its location of 67 years in Alhambra, longtime Twohey’s customers Fred and Margaret Padilla renewed their wedding vow at Twohey’s, a place they consider special.

“The carhops on Friday nights with friends and cruising in my 1958 Chevy during my high school years were the best,” said Mr. Padilla “Twohey’s always made me feel young again.”

“This was the place to go,” said longtime Twohey’s customer Ronald “Corky” Conzonire. ‘I have been coming to Twohey’s since it opened in Alhambra. I’ve taken my family here for celebrations and occasions. I’ve become such a regular that they know my seat and what my orders will be.”

As the countdown to moving date continues for Twohey’s, visitors are making the best of Twohey’s last days in Alhambra.

“We will have many fun upcoming events as we continue to be open in Alhambra, Mr. Christos said. “We will be bringing back people, and we’ll have specials.”

The restaurant will continue to operate during its regular hours until it closes in mid-September. For more information on Twohey’s, visit www.twoheys.com, and follow on social media for updates, events, and for some good food pictures.

Thank you Twohey’s for the great memories, good food, and your love for our community.


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Apr 2019


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