Planet Fitness hires, promotes Alhambra residents

Ursula, general manager of Planet Fitness, likes to get to know the PF members and encourages her staff to do the same.

When a new business opens in town, it’s great when local residents are hired on. Planet Fitness has gone above and beyond in its hiring practices. They hire and promote Alhambra residents.

A case in point is Ursula. Ursula grew up in Alhambra. She went to Emery Park School and Alhambra High School. After high school, she wanted to have a place to work out. So even though the closest Planet Fitness, with its unparalleled $10 a month fee, was in South Gate, she became a member and drove all the way there to use the cardio-machines and weights while working part time in the fast food industry.

When Planet Fitness opened in Alhambra three years ago, she applied. She was already a member and knew the basics of how PF worked. She also lives in Alhambra. Done deal. She was hired in as a crew member on an afternoon shift. In that capacity she helped out with every aspect of the gym. She assisted members in learning how to use the machines, worked the front desk, and did janitorial chores. Fluent in Spanish, she was able to assist many members and perspective members with their questions.

After a year of proving herself, she was promoted to supervisor and moved to an overnight shift while attending school at East Los Angeles College. After six months, Ursula was promoted again to assistant manager on a morning shift.

After only eight months, she was promoted again to be the general manager of the Alhambra Planet Fitness. Now she is responsible for everything. She orders supplies and drinks while staying within budget, and she often deals personally with member concerns. She handles the training of her staff, schedules employee hours, and assigns weekly tasks.

She likes to get to know the PF members and encourages her staff to do the same. Her crew members are on a first name basis with many of the regulars. Ursula takes seriously the Planet Fitness motto of a Judgement Free Zone. She is dedicated to making the Alhambra PF a welcoming and comfortable environment. She instills in her staff their importance in the operation.

“Take the time to explain,” she tells them. “Let members know what the machines can do for them, and show them how to use them. Make sure everyone is clear on the do’s and dont’s of a gym environment.”

Ursula is not done yet. She has risen rapidly in the Planet Fitness organization and is pleased that advancement has been open to her based on merit. She looks forward to the next challenge.

Congratulations to Ursula, an Alhambra woman who is achieving success by helping others achieve their own goals.



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Apr 2019


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