Super Heroes answer the call; community benefits

Super Heroes attended the first annual SuperHero Summer Fest June 16 in support of the Music Saves Lives charity and to help the School District launch its Anti-Bullying Proclamation.

The first annual SuperHero Summer Fest took place June 16 in Downtown Alhambra in support of the Music Saves Live charity, which engages in life saving activities such as blood donations and bone marrow registration. It was hosted by the Downtown Alhambra Business District in conjunction with TOY-ZILLA, Alhambra’s newest collectibles store, and PopRock Academy.

Tom Kenny and the Hi-Seas headlined the festival. Darth Vader and the 501st, the Power Rangers, Grand Master Ewart Chin, actor Jonathan Joss, singer Kenya Clark, the Expansion Pack band, US Shaolin Kung Fu Center, and PopRock Academy performers all graced the stage and festival during the event.

Prizes from Twohey's and a custom-made 3D printed trophy by Co-Kreeate were awarded to the winners of the Youth and Adult Cosplay contest. The winners of the Super Hero Selfie Hunt Raffle, where anyone who took a selfie with any of the Super Heroes (Spiderman, Captain America, Flash, etc.) assigned to Downtown businesses, won prizes donated by Gallery Nucleus and PopRock Academy. There was a Spongebob Dance Competition, in which the winner won a month of free classes at PopRock Academy. There were long lines for wrestler Rikishi, Greg Berg (voice of Donatello and Bebop), and Tom Kenny, who signed a limited edition SpongeBob print created by TOY-ZILLA’s owner Dahveed, with proceeds going toward the charity.

There were more than 20 vendors and booths showcasing their products and companies.

“We hope to see you all next June when we have our second annual Super Hero Summer Fest, Alhambra!” said PopRock Academy owner Paul Kwo.


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Dec 2021


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