Z Sushi offers fine dining without the high prices

By Jewelyn Co

Chef Toshi Ito with assorted sashimi plate.

On the corner of North Garfield Avenue and North Atlantic Boulevard, Z Sushi has served traditional Japanese foods for more than two decades. When Eric Tu continued a family business that had operated for 30 years, he decided to turn it into a restaurant that would serve fresh, authentic Japanese food. Mr. Tu envisioned the restaurant to incorporate a tranquil dining environment with a dimly lit large dining space, a sushi bar, and a full bar of Japanese liquors.

Z Sushi diners can have a fine dining experience without the high prices of fancy seafood.

The chefs’ artistic presentation of fresh sushi and the fine taste of variant sake has diners returning consistently.

“We have customers who are regulars and come to eat here at least four times a week,” Mr. Tu said. “We want our customers to sit in and enjoy the value of the food.”

Chef Toshi Ito, traditional Japanese head chef, has been preparing Japanese dishes for 20 years at Z Sushi.

“I was taught by famous traditional Japanese chefs,” he said. “These creations are not mine; they are traditions that were taught to me.”

Z Sushi has an extensive number of dishes and drinks on the menu, including 12 types of sushi rolls, fresh assorted sashimi, bento boxes, yakitori meat skewers, udon noodle soups, rice bowl dishes, and sakes imported from different regions. Ingredients used are from local sources, and fresh fish are delivered daily.

“The atmosphere is comforting,” said first-time Z Sushi diner Adolfo Madrigal. “Dishes are evenly balanced with seasoning and spices. My personal favorite is the Japanese cerviche because of its refreshing flavors.”

The uni and salmon carpaccio are delightful. Most requested is the “Don't Ask” roll, prepared from available ingredients that are usually different every time. For a sweet and spicy taste, the Super Tatsu Roll is prepared with seared salmon on a shrimp tempura roll, combined with Sriracha mayo, and drizzled with sweet eel sauce. A fusion of Japanese style with the popular Latin American seafood dish ceviche, the Japanese cerviche consists of mixed seafood, fresh avocados, tomatoes, and is served with deep fried wonton skins. Don’t know what to order? Go with the Omaka-Z, four courses of the chef’s choice of sushis. Mr. Tu and Chef Toshi both suggest to immediately consume uncooked seafood for freshness.

Z Sushi has an affordable lunch special with great choices of combinations. Dine in and watch your favorite sports while enjoying good food and drinks. Promotional discount at Z Sushi is also offered through the Alhambra card. Keep updated on social media: @zsushi&grill on facebook and @z_sushi_alhambra on instagram.

For more information on hours and menu, visit www.zsushi.com.


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Jun 2019


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