Planet Fitness is perfect package for staying in shape

Fitness trainer Leilani Ibarra works with member Michael Rivera.

One of the advantages of Planet Fitness is that members can have their own exercise plans developed or they can participate in organized classes and enjoy the common bond of healthy living with their classmates. Or, they can do both.

There are lots of classes available serving the beginner to the longtime workout pros. Many PF members are new to fitness. They may want more instruction and guidance than the traditional gym-goer, particularly when they first get their membership.

New members can take advantage of an orientation session. Here, trainers target the equipment and programming that new members are most likely to use in their first few weeks. The trainers provide details about the club so that new members can return and feel comfortable getting started on their own.

For members who have some workout experience and know their way around a gym, the fitness trainers offer a service called Design Your Own Program. It’s an opportunity for trainers to become familiar with the member’s medical history, fitness experience, and current goals. From there they can design an individualized workout that takes these factors into account.

Another option is the 30 Minute Express Workout. It provides a fast-paced, full-body workout in just 30 minutes. There are10 strength training machines and 10 steps. Each station is numbered so members can move between the machines and the steps in numerical order. When a nearby light is green, the member works in a station for one minute. When the light turns red, there are 30 seconds to rest and transition to the next station. It’s ideal for members who are new to working out.

Muscle Group Sessions. These classes are for people learning to use free weights, cables, and machines to enhance the shape, size, and strength of their muscle groups. Each session will focus on two opposing muscle groups so that minimal rest will be needed between sets. The trainer chooses two distinct exercises for each muscle group going back and forth between the different muscles.

Stretching. Stretching is important for any workout. It’s easy to do a few stretches at the end of a workout, but PF designed this session for a yoga-like feel with more structure and purpose. There will be several stretches at each stage, and these should be held for at least 30 seconds.

PF 360 Burn. Burn uses a 20:40 work-to-rest ratio to elevate the heart rate and burn calories. Members focus on as many repetitions as possible in 20 seconds with lighter weight and good form, followed by a 40 second rest before they transition to the next movement.

PF 360 Strength. Strength uses a 45:45 work-to-rest ratio to improve strength and power. The focus is on multi-joint movement using several muscle groups in combination. Members perform an exercise for 45 seconds followed by 45 seconds of rest. The goal is to execute the movement properly with increased weight rather than the number of repetitions.

PF 360 Refresh. This session uses a 60:60 work to rest ratio and focuses on core work and flexibility. Refresh does not have additional recovery time built in, which means that the rest phase will be active rest. Active rest incorporates basic stretching and yoga-like movements. Proper breathing techniques will also be emphasized.


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Dec 2021


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