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By Jewelyn Co

Spanglish Kitchen tacos, quesadilla, guac and chips, and horchata pineapple drinks.

On the corner of Alhambra Road and Atlantic Boulevard, Spanglish Kitchen attracts passers-by with its appealing name. When Alberto Prado pursued his dream of owning a restaurant, he proposed his objectives to his longtime friend Jason Veizaga. Alhambra residents, Alberto and Jason decided to venture forth in establishing Spanglish Kitchen in April 2016.

Alberto grew up learning to operate a business from his family, who has been in the restaurant industry since the early 1980s, and Jason learned from his own family’s businesses. Inspired by a mixture of the Spanish and English languages, along with the Mexican culture of ways to prepare foods in the kitchen, Spanglish became the name of this Mexican fast food restaurant.

“The combination of language and culture brings people together,” said Alberto. “The images of the fork, spoon, and knife on our wall symbolizes kitchen, and kitchen is a place to have good food and satisfy hunger.”

Their concept of “serving up fresh ingredients for today’s service” sure delivers their goals to satisfy appetites. When it comes to serving fresh homestyle Mexican food, Spanglish Kitchen knows how to prepare a dish just as their mothers did at home.

“We make our dishes with fresh ingredients, and we prepare and serve our dishes on the same day,” said Jason. “Most of our dishes are made from scratch, and we always have ingredients in stock.”

Diners can enjoy traditional Mexican dishes, such as tortas, sope, huarache, tacos, burritos, warm chicken soup, and many others on the menu. Spanglish Kitchen’s $1 Taco Tuesdays special is great in price and taste. There are different selections of seasoned and well marinated meats to choose from for any of the dishes on the menu. The guac and chips are a satisfying snack or side dish. The guacamole has chunkiness and a refreshing taste of ingredients. The camarones burrito can be eaten without needing to add salsa for the flavor because the ingredients gives a rich flavorful taste.

Huarache is Spanglish Kitchen’s signature dish. It is served with a crunchy, thick masa and generous portion of meats and ingredients. The hot and hearty pork pozoles is available only on Saturdays and Sundays is. Try different levels of spices of their salsa from mild, red, green, to habanero. Spanglish Kitchen is one of the go-to places for restaurant-quality Mexican foods in Alhambra.

Spanglish Kitchen has outdoor dining patio seating with tables and umbrella tops for diners to enjoy the Southern California weather. Eat in or order for delivery via grubhub or ubereats. Book them for catering on your next special occasion or event. For more appetizing images and updates on Spanglish Kitchen, follow them on social media @spanglish_kitchen on instagram, and @SpanglishKitchenAlhambra on Facebook.


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