Tiffany Luong Photography gives clients honest, authentically emotive imagery

To book a family or business story photo session, find her portfolio at http://tiffanyluong.com.

Tiffany Luong's goal with every shoot is to give clients honest, authentically emotive imagery. She is an on-location, natural light photographer and videographer serving the community of Alhambra and surrounding cities in Northeast Los Angeles, Downtown, and the San Gabriel Valley. Tiffany Luong Photography was established in 2013. Ms. Luong specializes in family documentary storytelling and branding photography.

“This photography business came from an intersection of so many different aspects of my life —my love for traveling and subsequently, being invited into people’s homes; my fascination with National Geographic stories; my research into my grandparents’ immigration history; and my interest in all things behind-the-scenes,” said Ms. Luong. “When I discovered family documentary photography, it was like all these pieces clicked from these seemingly disconnected sources and allowed me to do everything simultaneously — live alongside people in a day in their life; create heirlooms for families so that grandchildren wouldn’t have to work so hard to know where they came from; and make personal documentaries for people who might never appear in National Geographic but who have still lived a life worth living. This genre is a modern alternative to traditional family portraiture.”

Ms. Luong expanded into offering commercial photographic services when a Cookie Cutters hair salon franchise owner reached out because he loved her natural, candid style and was looking to brand his business as family-friendly. Corporate saw the photos, and now one of Ms. Luong’s photos is used on their gift card sold in their 100 shops nationwide. From there, her commercial photography clients have grown to include Ben & Jerry's and Pickles the pig, children’s online retailer The Soin, and editorial photography for several bloggers.

Ms. Luong is a member of the National Association of Professional Child Photographers and the Family Photojournalist Association. Clients recommend Tiffany Luong Photography for her creative high-quality photography, comfortable photo session experience, and her keen ability to capture the personalities and essences of the families and businesses serviced.

Follow Tiffany’s photographic adventures at http://tiffanyluong.com.



Oct 2021


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