Thank you Twohey’s

By Barbara Beckley

Twohey's has been the meeting place for generations of friends and families.

Twohey’s – it’s always been more than a restaurant.

Throughout the decades, it’s been the icon of the community – the meeting place for generations of friends and families. The go-to for after the game and after events. To celebrate special occasions and to meet for business conversations. It’s the landmark we use to give directions to out-of-town friends. And the institution that former residents remember first. I was on a sail boat off the coast of Fiji in the South Pacific several years ago and overheard fellow passengers talking about Monterey Park. When I said I lived in Alhambra, “is Twohey’s still there?” was the first thing they asked. And just last week at a party in Newport Beach, a guest who grew up in Alhambra said “I can’t believe Twohey’s is closing,” when she learned I live here.

Since opening the current location in 1951, Twohey’s has been like an extension of our own homes -- giving us servers we know, favorite foods and drinks, and memories that last forever. Where else can you enjoy the same items you ordered as a kid, or that your parents and grandparents ordered. The signature bittersweet hot fudge sundaes, “original” onion rings, Twohey’s curry clam chowder, and the Original Stinko Burger are legendary throughout Southern California. Even our friends from the Westside love them.

As a lifelong Alhambra resident, I remember when Twohey’s was a drive-in. I was in high school and sitting in the car with my boyfriend, inching our way in the line of cars that double-wrapped around the block, waiting for a spot at the car-hop service. This was the see-and-be-seen activity of the time – and Twohey’s was one of the area’s best. We were waving to friends and checking out who was with who – when to my horror – his car engine died! In front of everyone! He and his buddies hopped out and fixed it. I still have never been so embarrassed.

Recently, I went to a play in Hollywood. Afterward, we wanted to go to dinner, but few restaurants there were still serving. No to worry. We drove home to Twohey’s and had the perfect après-show dinner – followed, of course, by bittersweet sundaes.  

My photo even hangs on the wall. I’m a 1967 Rose Princess, and the photo of my Tournament of Roses Queen and Court riding down Colorado Boulevard on our beautiful rose bouquet-shaped float adorns the Huntington Room. I never tire of making my friends look at it whenever we’re there.

Twohey’s wasn’t always in Alhambra, however. John “Jack” Twohey opened his first restaurant in 1943 on Arroyo Parkway in Pasadena. He named it Twohey’s Restaurant in 1945, and in 1951 opened the current location at Huntington Drive and Garfield Avenue in Alhambra. Trias, LLC, purchased it in 1997, and co-owners Jim Christos, Tanya Christos, and Greg Malis have kept the Twohey’s traditions we love, while adding exciting new menu and drink offerings, letting Twohey’s come to us with the Twohey’s Food Truck and Three Sisters Catering, and skyrocketing the Little Stinko logo (and Alhambra) to fame on collectables from glassware to golf shirts.

“I want to thank the City of Alhambra, all its residents and throughout the San Gabriel Valley for being such incredible fans and friends,” said Mr. Christos. “We have so many memories to recount; we hope we brought some happiness and joy into everyone’s lives. We are saddened to leave Alhambra, and we’re looking forward to the next chapter.”  

And so Alhambra says “thank you” to Twohey’s for giving us such wonderful memories in this location, which is scheduled to close Feb. 1, according to Mr. Christos. We look forward to making new Twohey’s memories in a new location.

Twohey's has a second location at 2835 E. Foothill Blvd., Pasadena 91107 called Twohey's Tavern. For more information, please phone 626-449-2337.


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