YMCA of West San Gabriel Valley receives $1.825 million grant

Valarie Gomez, CEO of the YMCA of West San Gabriel Valley, announces the Y has received a $1.825 million grant that will expand activities, support, and services. Assemblymember Ed Chau is on the right.

The grant will be used in designing and constructing a new building to dramatically expand activities, support, and services to the community.

With the determined support of Assemblymember Ed Chau, a member and supporter of the Y, and his team of staff members Daisy Ma and Henry Lo, the dream of greater service to more people can become a reality. The building will serve the needs of the community’s growing number of underprivileged and homeless citizens in several ways. YMCA CEO Valarie Gomez is excited about the generous grant. “It is opening up so many doors, and we are very pleased about it,” she said.

To identify individuals and families in need of support, the Y relies on the Alhambra Unified School District and their Gateway to Success program. Gateway to Success is administered by Dr. Laurel Bear the assistant superintendent of Student/Employee Welfare.

The Y focuses on three main goals: Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility. These goals will be the focus of services in the new facility. For example, there will be a new family locker room in which families can change in order to join the open and family swims and the Family Aquacize classes and to use the extensive set of equipment. Children must be 11 years old to use the weights.

The existing summer day camp which already serves 280 children will be expanded both in terms of available space and the number of kids admitted to the day camp activities. There will be a fully equipped kitchen to provide cooking classes and healthy meals. In the summer months, there will be a full-time nurse with her own private office to ensure confidentiality. This will expand the work that Nurse Pat Fulton already provides the YMCA family.

Ms. Gomez said the new facilities and locker rooms will enable everyone to enjoy the offerings at the Y. These include tae kwon do classes, yoga, jazz, ballet, Zumba, and the gym equipment. “These activities support the overall health and wellness of each child,” she said. “The newly reopened Camp Ta Ta Pochon in the San Bernardino Mountains will add to the list of recreational activities available to the people in the West San Gabriel Valley.”


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Jan 2022


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