Phoenix Inn serves up tasty, flavorful Chinese food every day of year

By Adriana Maestas

Fanny Huang, Chef Rico Tong, Chef Ping Lee, and Amy Chen are ready to serve you and share delightful Cantonese dishes.

For more than 50 years, the Phoenix Inn has had a presence in the greater Los Angeles area. In 1965, Katai Chang and his wife, May, opened the Phoenix Inn in Chinatown. That restaurant remains in operation today, but Mr. Chang’s son, Tom, took the concept to another level with expansion, starting in 1997 with the Alhambra location. Located at 208 E. Valley Blvd., the Phoenix Inn is open every day of the year and offers a variety of Cantonese staples with new dishes to adapt to the changing tastes of the neighborhood.

The Phoenix Inn offers a wide variety of dishes. Starting with the appetizers, there are generous appetizer platters, chicken wings, and sweet buns. There are also deli items, such as marinated pig ear and beef tendon in chili oil and marinated pocket tofu. There are over a dozen soup and hot pot items to choose from. If you enjoy seafood, there is a variety of crustacean dishes, including the classic Kung Pao Shrimp. You can also sample crab, deep fried fish, and steamed Chilean seabass. There are plenty of chicken, pork, beef, tofu, and vegetable dishes. If you are looking for vegetarian options, the Phoenix Inn has some nice options.

The menu is printed in both Chinese and English, and Mr. Chang prides himself on creating a welcome atmosphere for everyone in the community. While a large portion of his clientele is Chinese, he says that there are many regulars who dine at the Phoenix Inn who come from diverse backgrounds throughout the San Gabriel Valley region. He said that the staff has a level of proficiency in English so that they can help customers who might be unfamiliar with the food.

“We take pride in creating a space for everyone to come to try the different Cantonese items on our menu, along with some of the newer flavors that are influenced by changes in taste and what the community is demanding,” said Mr. Chang. “We do have authentic dishes, but we also realize that people like variety and want to try things that they don’t normally eat.

Phoenix Inn is family friendly and budget friendly too. Most dishes come in a large or small serving so you can sample a variety of different flavors. There are plenty of items under $12, and the restaurant even has family and party packs where you can order a packaged meal for pickup. While Phoenix Inn does not have a formal catering service, a large portion of the restaurant’s business is takeout for family gatherings, office lunches, and other events. And if you want something sweet, there’s Phoenix Desserts, which is next to the restaurant.

The upcoming holidays are a busy time for Phoenix Inn, but they love this time of the year because they are open every day, even on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day, so you can have yummy Chinese food instead of worrying about cooking.

For more information, phone 626-299-1238, or visit the webpage at www.phoenixfood.us.


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Oct 2018


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