Lawsuit kills new Alhambra Lowe’s store

Plans for a new Lowe’s Home Improvement store on a 12-acre site located on South Fremont Avenue have been cancelled.

After receiving approval from Alhambra’s Planning Commission and the City Council, Grassroots Community Group of Alhambra filed an environmental lawsuit challenging the certified traffic study prepared for the development.

Lowe’s had slated and budgeted the new Alhambra store to open in early 2018. Once it became clear that the lawsuit would prevent the store from opening on time, Lowe’s opted to scrap their plans. An environmental lawsuit in California can take two or more years to resolve.

A new Lowe’s Home Improvement store would have generated more than $400,000 in new tax dollars to Alhambra, funds that could have gone toward Public Safety, street improvements, and parks.

The store would have created upward of 200 new full and part-time, good paying jobs that could have benefited Alhambra residents.

While cities across the country are vying for Lowe’s to open a store in their community, Alhambra has lost theirs because a small group people, some not even residents of Alhambra, decided that they knew what’s in the best interest of the City.

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Dec 2018


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