Our Times Café offers many choices

By Bill Kinman

Customers can watch meal preparation at Our Times Café.

Our Times Cafe offers many choices of snacks and full meals — served in beautiful bento boxes, filled with your order plus an extra veggie, bean sprouts, french fries, and a half hard-boiled egg — making the meal option one of the best food bargains in town.

The Taiwanese chicken dishes are popular and delicious, and the meat entrees are abundant, making repeat visits an easy decision.

Our Times specializes in many drink options. It’s easy to imagine folks dropping in, between meals, just for an invigorating slush, such as lychee, mango strawberry, passion fruit kumquat, and others. Try a freshly squeezed fruit drink, a yogurt drink, an Italian bubble drink with juice, or an Our Times favorite tea: special fruity tea, or milk tea, or flavored tea, or the Hot Healthy Tea Drink, served on its own beautiful wooden tray, the tea pot resting on a separate glass globe, within which a tea light is keeping your freshly brewed tea hot.

Our Times Café provides booth and separate table seating, each booth comfortably provided with back-resting pillows, complete with humorous messages. Music videos are broadcast over TV screens — two in the front dining area and one super-large-wall size screen in the side dining area. WiFi is available.

Trip Advisor ratings for Our Times Café are primarily +, and their choice of food and drink, the quality of the food and drink, and the comfortable surroundings are likely to garner a + rating from most diners. Our Times may well become Your Times.

Our Times Cafe is open seven days a week.

For more information, please phone 626-537-1808.


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Oct 2018


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