The Crabby Crab Seafood and Crab House has sailed into Alhambra

By Adriana Maestas

Chef Robert Leovy, owner Bo Mekpongsatorn, and manager Matty Jean are extremely friendly and work hard to make a wonderful dining experience.

I recently journeyed to the Crabby Crab Seafood and Crab House at 742 W. Valley Blvd., and it was well worth the effort for many different reasons. The Crabby Crab Seafood and Crab House sits on its own property with ample parking spaces. It’s always comforting to know that your vehicle is safe and that you don’t have to worry about parking on the street. This was a well-thought-out consideration by the management team, who wanted their customers to feel safe while they enjoy seafood cuisine at its best.

The Crabby Crab Seafood and Crab House offers clean, wide open spaces allowing family size groups to feel at home. The spaces also recreate the atmosphere of a large restaurant on the pier overlooking the Pacific Ocean. There are multiple large-screen television monitors behind the wine and beer bar, all positioned around the spacious eating areas so you can catch the latest sports game. The family seating areas are designed for you to forget about formal eating etiquette, while still accessing the available tools provided by Crabby Crab Seafood and Crab House that protect your clothes, including bibs and gloves.

I began with a healthy serving of the New England white clam chowder. The smell and taste were a sensational part of experiencing this delightful concoction. The Bacon Chowder Fries followed, which is another tasty creation found only at the Crabby Crab Seafood and Crab House. But before I could finish, I was lured away by these delicious Crabby Cakes filled with 100% king crab lump meat with lines of chipotle aioli sauce. I could have had another serving of those wonderful crab cakes and not felt the least bit guilty. However, the smell of the Shrimp with Head and Tail On sautéed with a spicy secret Crabby Crab seafood sauce instantly caught my attention. It was wonderful to slowly munch on the shrimp with the tantalizing juices lining my taste buds. I had to slow down just to savor the aroma. Then I was tempted by the Little Neck Clams, accompanied by garlic butter and lemon pepper. I didn’t want to stop, but the food kept coming, so I slowed down and took a breather.

Across the table from me sat owner Bo Mekpongsatorn, a generous and friendly second generation restaurateur. Just as gracious were his Chef Robert Leovy and Matty Jean, the Crabby Crab Seafood and Crab House manager, who were very focused on providing excellent service. Each quizzed me with questions about the food, the service, and how all the combinations of sauces and spices complemented the food. I was thoroughly enjoying myself, and I commended them on how they have literally thought of all the items needed to guarantee a wonderful moment in time without customers having to empty their wallets for it. They presented themselves as if they were a family, all working collectively to produce an unforgettable unique meal with service Nordstrom would be jealous of.

It’s very special in this industry to observe a finely tuned restaurant operation with positive employee involvement. Bo Mekpongsatorn has done this and has done it quite successfully, and it radiates from the employees who work for him. The waitress who took care of my table was the picture of service. She gathered all the remaining dishes and packaged them to go.

The Crabby Crab Seafood and Crab House in Alhambra is a wonderful place to eat nutritious unadulterated seafood and witness efficient restaurant service in a comfortable and casual environment.

The restaurant is open from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday, from noon to 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, and from noon to 10 p.m. on Sunday.

For more information, visit the website at crabbycrab.com.


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Oct 2018


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