Alhambra Beautiful Awards recognize businesses, residences that make Alhambra more attractive

Judging for the Alhambra Beautiful Awards will begin soon in two categories: commercial restoration/remodel and new construction and for residential.

The commercial category is for buildings, condo developments, and businesses in general. The residential category consists of single-family homes.

A team of judges will be dispatched throughout Alhambra beginning this month, with the goal of identifying those businesses and homes that are most deserving of an Alhambra Beautiful Award.

The commercial category will be judged on a city-wide basis, with several businesses receiving recognition. Judges will evaluate homes in each City Council district, and awards will be given out in each district. The winners will be announced in July.

“Past award winners have demonstrated a pride of excellence in commercial and home upkeep and maintenance, and their extraordinary efforts have helped contribute to the overall appearance of the City’s landscape, which benefits the entire community,” said Mayor David Mejia.

The Alhambra Beautiful Award program was founded by the late Helen Wysong, a longtime Alhambra resident who, with a small group of Alhambrans, urged Alhambra homeowners to be diligent in keeping up their properties and then recognized those who did with the Alhambra Beautiful Award.

Nominations and recommendations are invited from the public.

The Alhambra Chamber of Commerce represents more than 400 members. Its mission is to foster and enhance the economic interests of the Alhambra community, while advancing the quality of life of members, partners, neighbors, and visitors.

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Oct 2018


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