Ramona Convent students visit East Coast for Harvard Model Congress

Ramona Convent students recently spent a week at Harvard University attending the Harvard Model Congress, which is the largest congressional simulation conference in the world where future leaders participate in a government simulation and tour the Harvard University campus.

“Harvard Model Congress encourages students to start conversations about current affairs and gives students the opportunity to propose solutions as delegates within the American government,” said senior Reanna Salvador. "As a part of the Presidential Cabinet, I worked with 23 other high school students within my program to author, sign, amend, and vote on bills written by those participating in the conference. Being exposed to different cultures, both through touring Boston and meeting people from other states and even from around the world, was perhaps the greatest part of the HMC experience. I think it is important that events like HMC exist so that young people can learn about how America functions and understand it is their opinions that will bring about a better, more unified tomorrow."

Ramona is a welcoming Catholic college-prep high school for girls in grades nine through12. Ramona graduates face the future with an extraordinary education, a global vision fueled by Catholic values, an independent spirit, confident leadership skills, the support of their Ramona sisters, and the strength of a legacy of more than 125 years of excellence.

Ramona Convent Secondary School is located at 1701 W. Ramona Road, Alhambra. For more information, phone 626-282-4151, or visit www.ramonaconvent.org.


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Dec 2018


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