Come as guest, leave as family at Tokyo Table in Alhambra

By Adriana Maestas

Waiters Greg Sturzenbecher and Alexandra Moreno provide service with a smile.

Tokyo Table, 100 E. Main St., Suite 100, Alhambra, opened in December. The modern Japanese fusion eatery serves up classic plates and unusual specialties. In a region where there are many Chinese and Korean owned Japanese style restaurants, Tokyo Table is Japanese owned and wholly embraces Japanese tradition.

“The style of the food is Tokyo city cuisine and Tokyo fusion. We have Japanese names on the menu. We want to introduce Japanese culture to our guests,” said Kay Doling, Marketing associate from Toridoll Dining California, LLC., the group that owns Tokyo Table.

Toridoll Dining California has another Tokyo Table in Irvine, which has been very successful. The restaurant group built upon that concept in Alhambra with a casual and family-friendly restaurant. You come as a guest and leave as a family after gathering around “the table” to enjoy share-styled dining with friendly and efficient service.

Tokyo Table’s interior is modern and open. The kitchen is open from the outside and from the inside so people can see cooking from the sidewalk facing Main Street and from the inside dining area. This open kitchen helps hold the staff accountable for cleanliness. Tyler Crouse of Interior Design Collaborative designed the restaurant’s interior. The restaurant will seat 243 guests, and there’s patio seating with heat lamps.

When I visited Tokyo Table, I was able to sample a spicy tuna roll, beef pepper rice, deluxe assorted nigiri sushi, ramen, and honey toast with green tea ice cream. Everything was flavorful and fresh. The sushi melts in your mouth. The ramen warms your senses on a cold day and packs a flavorful punch. The honey toast is the perfect dessert to share. The presentation and the quality of the food are exceptional.

The menu has almost 140 items and has fun-to-share items like robata (grilled meat skewers) and sushi rolls. There’s also an assortment of salads and carpaccios, rice and noodle dishes, and a good selection of sushi.

Happy Hour at Tokyo Table is impressive. There’s a full bar with a selection of beer, mojitos, sake, wine, and signature cocktails. Every day, happy hour is from 10 p.m. to close, and on Monday through Thursday, sushi rolls are discounted $3 from the regular priced menu. During happy hour on the weekend (from Friday through Sunday), sushi rolls are discounted 50%. This makes for a great end to a date. Tokyo Table is located across from the Edwards movie theater and is centrally located in Downtown Alhambra.

For more information, phone Tokyo Table at 626-656-2222, or visit the website at tokyotable.com. The restaurant does take reservations, but it’s a large facility so it can usually accommodate guests without a long wait.


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Jun 2018


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