Alhambra Preservation Group event reveals Alhambra’s architectural surprises

Alhambra's log cabin was built in the 1930s by a local Boy Scout troop. It was one of many buildings and structures highlighted in the Alhambra Preservation Group's June 29 event entitled Alhambra's Amazing Architecture.

A log cabin, a castle on a hill, and a retail mall designed to look like an Old West boom town were just a few of the architectural surprises Alhambra Preservation Group (APG) revealed at its June 29 presentation “Alhambra’s Amazing Architecture.”

The event took place at the Alhambra Civic Center Library and drew a crowd of more than 100 residents. APG presented information on the more than 25 genres and sub-genres of architecture that can be found in Alhambra.

 “Many don’t realize that Alhambra is one of the most architecturally diverse cities in Southern California,” said Joyce Amaro, APG president. “From Victorian to Mid-Century Modern and everything in between, Alhambra boasts a rich architectural heritage, one that needs to be celebrated, preserved, and protected.”

The presentation began by highlighting Alhambra’s oldest home — a farmhouse built in 1878. It continued by showcasing the Victorian, Arts and Crafts, English Revival, Spanish Revival, Art Deco, and Mid-Century architecture that can be found throughout the city. The audience viewed more than 100 photographs of 100 present-day Alhambra homes, businesses, schools, and places of worship.

The evening concluded with the introduction of a Google map created by APG, identifying the location of 500 architecturally relevant homes, businesses, schools, and places of worship throughout Alhambra. APG invited audience members to take a look at the map online, and then identify homes and buildings that need to be added to the map. The goal of this map is to create an accurate representation of Alhambra’s architecture.

“I want to thank APG for an excellent event … they did a great job and I thank them for their dedication,” said former Alhambra resident Tom Geer, who drove from West Covina. “I see and hear too much of our history being lost every day, and I appreciate what they do!”

To learn more about APG, visit www.AlhambraPreservation.org.


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Nov 2021


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