PopRock Academy's Paul Kwo reprises movie role in 'God's Not Dead 2'

PopRock Academy owner Paul Kwo appears in a second movie "God’s Not Dead 2", reprising his role as Martin Yip in God’s Not Dead.

The moving force behind Alhambra’s PopRock Academy, located at 11 S. Second St., is Paul Kwo, actor, singer, musician, and entrepreneur whose fame increases a notch this month with the release on April 1 of the second film in the God’s Not Dead franchise.

His role as foreign student Martin Yip from China in God’s Not Dead continues in God’s Not Dead 2. He was moved by the events in the first movie and decided to become abeliever. In the second movie, he struggleswith his family’s objection to his choices of belief. Because of his new outlook in life, he has found his new purpose and, in turn, affects the people that he comes in contact with.

Mr. Kwo, in addition to his film roles, has co-starred in the television hit Scrubs and the re-make of Knight Rider. He is an accomplished voice-over artist; he has produced a solo vocal album and released a holiday album with his band “Kwortet;” he has performed on piano with YoYo Ma; and much more.

His academic credentials include a cum laude Bachelor of Music degree in piano, with double minors in theatre and musical theatre and a Master of Music degree in Music Composition, both from the University of Southern California.

Mr. Kwo has assembled a collection of notable teachers at his school who have been trained at renowned universities and have collaborated and performed with world class artists. “We believe in offering the very best to all our students by locating the best teachers around,” he said.

PopRock Academy, whose mission statement is “Art knows no borders,” offers a comprehensive music, acting, and dance curriculum, taught in a safe and open environment. “It provides healthy interaction among students of all specializations and develops confident, creative artists, whether they go on to artistic fame and fortune or lead productive lives within their own communities,” said Mr. Kwo. “Performing arts teaches students valuable skills that can transfer into other disciplines as well as day-to-day life skills.”

Students receive live experience in public performance by participation in recitals and other artistic showcases.

Within the academy’s building are specialty studios that include the Piano Studio, the Guitar Studio, the Rock Band Studio, the Dance Studio, and more, in which lessons are conducted, practice is accomplished, and artistic interactions occur. Appropriate equipment is set up in each studio, enhancing the students’ learning and performance.

For more information about PopRock Academy, go to http://www.poprockacademy.com/, e-mail info@poprockacademy.com, or phone 626-282-ROCK (7625).



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Jan 2022


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