Alhambra Car Wash: Recycled Water Means Clean Cars During Drought Conditions

“Taking your car to the car wash is a much more drought-conscious act than washing your car with a running hose in your driveway,” said Gonzalo Villanueva, co-owner of Alhambra Car Wash, 707 W. Main St.

Servicing Alhambra drivers since 1966, Alhambra Car Wash technology saves at least 50%, or four gallons, of the water used in a typical wash. Research within the industry predicts that in the near future, the savings will increase to 80%.

Co-owners Elvino Miali and Mr. Villanueva are dedicated to not only providing local drivers the cleanest, spiffiest-looking cars on the road, but also bringing about the greatest water-saving achievement possible in this Southern California desert called home.

Jan 2021


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