M Juicery and Creamery offers Artisan Ice Cream, Sorbet, Juices

M Juicery and Creamery, a brand-new, exciting addition to the local restaurants of Alhambra, celebrated its grand opening on Nov. 14. Located at 19 S. Garfield Ave, Suite C, M Juicery and Creamery brings something new and different to the community offering freshly cold-pressed juices and artisan ice cream.

 “I learned the art of making ice cream by practicing the craft at home,” said owner Jonathan Ma. “I enjoy cooking, but my main focus is artisan (made by hand) ice cream.”

 He gets his inspiration and ice cream recipes from different foods, drinks, and desserts that he’s experienced and tries to incorporate non-traditional flavors into new and interesting combinations. Some examples of the non-traditional flavors offered at the creamery include cayenne-mango and strawberry-balsamic.

 When asked why he chose to combine ice cream and juice in his store, Mr. Ma said the ice cream came first, but what inspired him to juice was seeing family and friends eating healthier after contracting an illness like cancer or diabetes. He wanted to be proactive and eat healthier before he had a medical reason that forced him to change his diet. So, Mr. Ma tried juicing for himself several years ago and experienced dramatic results after doing a 10-day, 30-day, and even a 40-day juice cleanse. He decided to make juicing a permanent part of his lifestyle, and he wants to extend the benefits of juicing to his customers as well.

 Mr. Ma believes in "juicing the rainbow" and getting nutrition from all kinds of fruits and vegetables, rather than constantly drinking the same kind of juice. Some juices that are offered at M Juicery and Creamery include yellow juice, which contains pineapple, celery, apple, bell pepper, lemon, lime, and mint; purple juice, which contains beet, red cabbage, kale, apple, and grape; and the newest member of the M Juicery family, coconut water, made from young Thai coconuts.

 When it comes to his artisan ice cream flavors, Mr. Ma’s personal favorites are the rum cran raisin and pineapple celery. The honey lavender is a big seller, but Mr. Ma said his customers’ tastes vary. Other flavors include caramel apple cider, Thai tea, cayenne mango sorbet, avocado coconut, and Vietnamese coffee.

 Mr. Ma said he and his wife chose Alhambra to open their store because they wanted a place that was in or near their community. Their home is in Alhambra, along with their church, and their kids attend nearby schools, so it made sense to set up shop central to their family life.

 Doing so also makes it easier for their family and business to engage with the Alhambra community. They recently attended the Downtown Alhambra Tree Lighting ceremony to take part in the events and gave samples of their products to those who stopped by their booth.

 “We are looking forward to doing more events and reaching out and becoming more known in the community,” Mr. Ma said.

 A family run business, everything at M Juicery and Creamery is made fresh by hand in-house and is not overly processed like many store-bought, pre-packaged juices and ice creams. It’s perfect for those who are thinking about getting fit for the new year or simply wanting to try something new by experiencing the fresh flavors and health benefits that their cold-pressed juices and artisan ice creams have to offer.

 They offer juices in six-packs for those who want to take them home for juice cleanses and will offer new flavors as the new year approaches.

 “The thing my wife and I enjoy most about our store is that we get to meet people at their very best and happiest moments. That’s not something everyone gets the opportunity to do in their work,” said Mr. Ma. “When you have an ice cream store, people come to celebrate their kids’ birthdays and special moments with family and friends. Our hope is that we can bring joy to the community by simply offering a good scoop of ice cream or a good bottle of juice. These things help cheer our customers up; it helps them enjoy life.”

 M Juicery and Creamery is open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday and 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday. The phone number is 626-940-5432. Like them on Facebook and Instagram at https://www.facebook.com/mjuiceryandcreamery and @mjuiceryandcreamery. Their Web site is www.mjuiceryandcreamery.com.

 M Juicery and Creamery staff, from left: Jack Zhong, Jaimie Wan, Jonathan Lee, Matthew Chung, Lynette Zheng, and Joey Wu.

Dec 2018


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